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Refine your brand with beautiful, intentional design in just 1 week

Design Intensives are perfect for you if

So, what is a design intensive?

If you want a beautiful, strategic brand and website that elevates your business you’re in the right place! A design intensive is a way to work with me that accelerates the creative process so that you get exactly what you need, but in 1-2 weeks rather than my usual 4-6 week timeline.

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So, what can we achieve?


  • A consultation and mini-strategy to clarify your brand goals
  • Creative direction and mood board for your brand
  • A logo suite, including secondary logo and submark
  • The option to extend your design time to include branded collateral such as stationary or packaging
  • Timeframe: 1 week

Web design

  • A consultation and mini-strategy to clarify your website goals
  • A homepage mock-up for your approval
  • Full, completely custom Wordpress website development with 4-5 pages
  • Personised tutorial video on how to use your new site and 6 months email support
  • Timeframe: 1 week

Or combine both into my signature 2 week design intensive for a complete brand and website experience


Brand intensives are perfect for you if you already have a clear idea of your brand identity and place in the market. My custom design option includes a more in depth approach to your brand strategy, a deep dive into your ideal client, and more time for refinements. With a brand intensive you get the same standard of design, but more quickly and at a lower investment point. My custom package also includes more collateral and deliverables, but after your design intensive we can continue to work together to add on these elements if you need them.

If your business is already established, or if you have a clear idea of the marketplace and how you want you brand to align with your target client, intensives are perfect. Equally, if you already have a solid brand in place and want a custom designed website, pronto, this is exactly what you need!

We can work on an intensive together for 1 or 2 weeks. 1 week will get you either a branding suite or a 4-5 page custom coded WordPress website. The investment for a week long intensive is £2000 or $2500/€2300. For a full brand and web intensive lasting 2 weeks, the investment is £3500 or $4400/€4000.

For branding projects, I will send you an in-depth brand questionnaire for you to complete at least 1 week before we begin our work together. For website projects, I will need the copy, branding files, images, and all content at least 1 week before your project begins.

I’m so excited to hear about your project! Please send me a message here to get started. We’ll decide when you would like to commence your project and I will send you an invoice for your 50% deposit to secure your spot in my calendar. Please note the remaining 50% of your invoice will be due the day before we begin your intensive.

The Brand Intensive Process

Simply apply here and I’ll get back to you asap. We’ll schedule a discovery call and talk through your project goals. I’ll send you an invoice for your 50% deposit to secure your place in my calendar.


You’ll complete my signature design questionnaire for me to learn about your business and aesthetic. You’ll need to submit any necessary copy, images, or graphics needed for the project at least a week before we begin so I have time to review everything to get the most out of your design time with me.

Day One: Strategy

We’ll have a strategy session together in the morning where we discuss your brand direction, map out your priorities for your project and ensure we are on the same page and answer any questions you might have. By the afternoon, I will have put together two mood boards for you to choose from that will inform the creative direction for the rest of our time together.

Days Two + Three: Design

For branding projects, this is the time we really get down to it. I’ll be putting together a cohesive, compelling new identity for your brand.

Days Four + Five: Refine

This is time for some serious collaboration. I’ll be passing you the designs I have created for you for your feedback and any edits you have. During the phase, it is essential that you are available for giving feedback regularly so I have to implement your vision.

Time to Celebrate!

As we wrap up your project, I’ll be uploading all of your files, and well as guides on how to use them going forward with the confidence that your new brand reflects the heart of your business.

Meet the designer

Hi! I’m Madeleine, an experienced graphic and web designer specialising in working with ambitious, driven business owners to realise their goals. My absolute passion is creating work that isn’t just beautiful, but strategically grows your business by resonating with your ideal clients on a deep level. I’d love to hear about your project!

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